How to choose a plate?

The key to finding the right drives for you is to find ones that deliver results, but most importantly make you HAPPY.

Ever wondered how to choose the right disc golf driver? There are dozens of manufacturers with a wide variety of discs, weights and plastic types. The simple can become complicated when choosing a drive. Our philosophy when choosing a Discmania disc golf disc is to make it simple. We have less selection than most disc golf manufacturers, but we have enough models for different styles and players, from beginners to the world's top pros like Eagle McMahon . Ultimately, the player determines the flight of the disc, and only imagination is the limit.

However, to start choosing the right disc golf disc we can offer a brief explanation. Below you will find our tips when it comes to Discmania discs.


If you follow the marketing of disc golf companies, you will see a lot of advertisements for new fast discs that fly very far. If you're a beginner, it's usually wise to avoid this one. The best way to start is to pick a few discs that feel good in your hand. In fact, if you train with only one model, you will eliminate all the variables caused by disc types and you can focus completely on technique.

From our selection of Discmania discs, the P1 putter, MD mid-range and FD half disc are probably the best models to start playing disc golf with. You don't have to choose them, but at least make sure you start with slower flying discs than fast discs and they will fly further.


Every sport, including disc golf, has some specific terms and basic concepts that are helpful to know. In disc golf, some of the most commonly heard terms include "unsteady," "steady," "backhand," and "forehand" "Put."


Disc golf companies have created flight charts to help with disc selection. However, there is one drawback to these charts, and that is not taking into account the speed of the individual player. There are all kinds of players. The main differentiating factor is the speed at which the player can throw the discus, this speed is often referred to as hand speed.

Therefore, for beginners, the discs can spin very quickly to the side at high speed, but the mid-range or putter will fly longer straight, because it requires less hand speed and you will throw it further than the driver.


In conclusion, I want to say whether it is the brand, color, stability or type of disk? Maybe you prefer standard designs or an interesting artistic design with autographs from the competition. The key to finding the right discs for you is to find ones that you like and that make you happy.