About us

''Like all DISC GOLF players, I used to think what a strange game it was, but everything changes with the first sounds of the chain and the first successfully thrown disc.

I was first drawn into this addictive game in the fall of 2021 and now I spend most of my holidays on disc golf courses with my friends.

I began to delve more and more into the sport of disc golf, into the world, and also unintentionally involved most of my friends and even colleagues, so I decided to start developing this sport on a larger scale and even became one of the official distributors in Latvia of the world's largest disc golf equipment manufacturer, DISCMANIA.

My plan for the future is to build several new tracks in Latvia, as well as involve as many young people as possible. Of course, not only young people, because I believe that there are no age limits in DISC GOLF."

Emil Dzalbs