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S-line P3X

S-line P3X

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The P3x is another one of our true workhorse putters similar to a P2, yet we spiced it up a bit. For players that love the P2 but find it too deep to latch on to, the P3x is the one for you. It features a large bead on the bottom, board flat profile, and a slightly smaller interior rim to ensure a clean release every time. 

They are perfect for any windy day on the course, smooth reliable upshots, big hyzers, or power forehand/backhand throws that will travel on a rope and get you a clean fade that you can count on.  Don't miss out on one of our most awaited releases, you won't be disappointed!

What’s it used for? S-Line putters are generally preferred away from the putting surface, meaning you’ll want to lean on it for shorter holes off the tee, approaches to the green, and utility shots throughout the fairways. But if putting with S-Line is your jam, we got the jelly!

About this S-Line release: Compared to the recently released Color Glow version that was reintroduced in Winter 2023 Mystery Boxes, these are going to feel noticeably thinner in your hand and will fly with a bit more over-stability, too! We’re very pleased with how torque resistant this stock run is and have the feeling it’s going to be competing for a bag slot with the even fondest of Tactic lovers out there.

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